Senior Recital – Stargazing Fantasy

Recorded on February 23rd, 2013 in Harton Recital Hall at Belmont University in Nashville TN. Audio recording and mixing by Zach McCoy.

Luke Selker, tenor
Joshua Salazar & Jason Giaffo, guitar

This piece for two guitars and tenor voice features text by the composer himself set to a dream-like accompaniment. The text tells the story of a budding romance which is comparable to the majesty of stargazing on a cold Winter night. Of particular note is the use of artificial harmonics near the end of the piece to depict the twinkling of stars as the couple gazes skyward. The text never states whether or not the romance develops, and the ending in a minor key is meant to leave the listener wondering. The attentive listener may notice the conflicting statements, “beneath a cloudless sky,” and the later lyric, “snow falls upon me.” This is a subtle detail meant to describe a rare night on which the snow is gently blowing in from clouds which have yet to arrive. The listener is left to interpret the meaning of such imagery.


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