Stargazing Feb 2019 mornings

***For Educator Use in the Classroom*** This video helps amateur stargazers find some interesting objects in the sky during the mornings of February 21-28, 2019. If you miss this window, these constellations are visible in the evenings during summer and you will still be able to see some of the same things described here. The moon and the planets, however, move at differing speeds and may not be visible in these constellations at other times.
I have been interested in astronomy since I was a small child and have taught it in my classroom for over 20 years now. However, while I am not an expert, I have done my best to portray the sky in an easy to understand manner for you! I hope you enjoy!
Thanks to Stelvision changing star maps ( and Sky and Telescope’s Sky at a Glance feature ( for helping me with my research on real time events happening over this time period. Also, thanks to Science News, Sky and Telescope and (dare I even say it…) Wikipedia for some great pictures of objects mentioned in my video. STUDENTS – never use Wikipedia as a reliable source without checking other sources for reliability… which I did! LOL


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